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In Palm Beach: Sore thumbs, shiny objects and prepping for a comeback.

In Palm Beach: Sore thumbs, shiny objects and prepping for a comeback.

Palm Beach was in full-roar during a mid-March Saturday. Temperatures in the mid-70s allowed visitors to keep their cool, while window-shopping and more. Workers at Buccan polished up the signage while pedestrians hustled up and down Worth Avenue past toney boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

It wasn’t just the people who were attracting attention. As you are aware Mark Elias Media Services and Mark Elias Photo works in the automotive field. The exotic cars were in full force, too. Rare is the day you can’t claim the sighting a high-end Mercedes is a big deal, but on this day, to drive such a vehicle would not even get you a second glance. Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Ferrari were the featured marques of the day. It was amusing to see them are jostle for position when a parking spot along the Avenue opened up.

In Palm Beach, art is all around us.

We were famished in the late afternoon and figured it was time to hit one of our favorite watering holes, the Honor Bar. Part of the Hillstone Restaurant Group, the Honor Bar is small in size but big in spirit. It is located directly next to its sister restaurant, the Palm Beach Grille, in Palm Beach’s Royal Poinciana Plaza. The plaza is known for its restaurants, art galleries, book stores and high-end boutiques.

Palm Beach sculpture
(Untitled) Projectile Monolith Titanium by Gisela Colón.

One of them, Gavlak Gallery, located in Los Angeles and Palm Beach, is featuring works by Gisela Colón including an installation in the courtyard. Titled “Untitled” (Projectile Monolith Titanium), it attracted a bit of attention while awaiting its countdown to blast-off.

Putting a thumb on it.

Palm beach Gold Thumb
Gold Thumb sculpture at Sotheby’s Palm Beach.

Outside Sotheby’s Palm Beach is a giant gold thumb. No explanation. No phone number. No No. Still, it was the perfect counterpoint to the Colón sculpture above. It just goes to show you that you should always be prepared to be surprised when out and about on the Island.