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The Elias Telecaster Cabronita

The Elias Telecaster Cabronita

Elias Telecaster Cabronita
Elias Hand-Built Guitars Custom Tele Cabronita

This is my first attempt at guitar-building. This is the Elias Hand-Built Guitars custom Elias Telecaster Cabronita. A tribute to the original Tele “La Cabronita as introduced by the Fender Custom Shop in 2009. It was a mean streetfighting machine when introduced at that time, and a product of the mind of “El Jefe de el Custom Shop” Mike Eldred. The “little bitch” as the literal translation goes, was a custom job that started as a Tele with stripped-down sensibilities, leaving it with a pair of TV Jones Filtertron pickups in the bridge and neck positions with pared-down controls resulting in a three-way toggle switch, and in our case a concentric volume and tone pot.

My example includes a custom wiring harness with a pair of ‘tron pickups and a modern Fender-style bridge. A Fender-licensed soft V-shape neck with Gotoh locking tuners keeps the strings tight in the body which was expertly painted by Ron Justice using Dupont 1961 Cadillac Dresden Blue Metallic paint

The asshole cousin…

Fender’s Eldred spoke with Music Radar magazine about the La Cabronita (later shortened to just the Cabronita) about what inspired him to make this particular guitar. “Well, I’ve played a Tele for a good part of my life, and I wanted to make something that was kind of going against the grain of what a normal Tele would be like. I wanted something that was a bit more aggressive – the best way to describe it is when you have family gatherings, but then the asshole cousin will show up and kind of disrupt everything. And I wanted to make a guitar that had that kind of vibe to it: something that didn’t really sit in the normal box, and challenged people who normally play Telecasters.

Viva La Cabronita

The Cabronita guitar has taken on a life of its own and has since resulted in many makers of Fender-style bodies routing for Filtertron-style pickups. Fender introduces a new version of it every few years and other builders reproduce tributes to the same.

This Elias Telecaster Cabronita is mine. I built it. It’s the best guitar I own, and it plays like a dream.