Uncle Sam (NHTSA) Explains It All For You

Uncle Sam (NHTSA) Explains It All For You

NHTSA Videos Show How New Car Technology Works.

Consumers are finding a virtual alphabet soup of acronyms that are built into their new cars. Features like LDW (lane departure warning), LKA (lane keep assist), BSW (blind spot warning), and other such word games are helping to make driving safer than ever, but just how do they work? Here comes “your Uncle Sam” to the rescue.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) breaks the latest automotive safety technologies down for consumers with the help of former MythBusters star Adam Savage. In a series of videos lasting less than two minutes each, Savage, who is now found on Tested.com, gives brief examples of what all the fine print on your new car window sticker actually means.

Blind Spot Detection Systems
Blind spot warning systems help to prevent willy-nilly moves like this.

The features include videos on such topics as:

Blind Spot Detection – Tested.com’s Adam Savage shows how new safety technology detects cars in your blind spots—your extra set of eyes.
Lane Keeping Support – Watch Adam Savage from Tested.com veer out of his lane, only to be saved by a new advanced safety technology.
Pedestrian Automation Emergency Braking – New safety technology keeps Tested.com’s Adam Savage from hitting a pedestrian.
Crash Imminent Braking – Tested.com‘s Adam Savage demos technology that automatically applies the brakes so you can avoid a crash.
Forward Collision Warning – You’ve got to see it to believe it. Tested.com’s Adam Savage demos a warning system that alerts you to help avoid a crash.

Of course, these videos offer just a basic look into what the various safety assists can do. They do serve as a good starting point for more research.

It also illustrates how new car safety systems are a better option than having warnings screeched at you by your passengers. Take a look. All told, it’s about ten minutes that won’t be wasted.

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